Hype Honey – Jungle Cake Live Resin

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3 reviews for Hype Honey – Jungle Cake Live Resin

    Justyn swartz
    April 25, 2021
    Nice body stone. Second time buying, one of my favorites sofar
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    February 15, 2021
    Perfect Dab material
    New to Dabbing... Never tried it before this year. Must say, this shit is killer. A few little drops in the rig and FLY ME TO THE FUCKIN MOON!!!!
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    Jungle Cake LIVE RESIN
    Hype Honey - Jungle Cake Live Resin photo review
    Michael Stride
    December 18, 2020
    Very Uplifting!
    I find this strain to be very Uplifting!

    Its strong but I can smoke this and still be productive during the day 🤓📚
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Hype Honey Jungle Cake Live Resin – You’ll be joyfully blissful and totally unfocused in this state with the propensity to fall into attacks of laughs now and again. As your psyche grows higher than ever, your body will start to subside into a condition of unadulterated unwinding and facilitate that won’t cause an excess of sedation or lounge chair lock. An ache of yearning comes straightaway, leaving you going after anything in sight to nibble on. On account of these impacts and its madly high 30-33% typical THC level, Jungle Cake is many times decided to treat those experiencing conditions, for example, hunger misfortune or sickness, constant pressure and emotional episodes or sorrow. Jungle Cake buds have a sweet and sweet fruity berry flavor with traces of marshmallow and nuttiness, as well. The fragrance is extremely natural and nutty with a sweet fruity hint that is both sweet and fiery. Jungle Cake buds have adjusted tight grape-formed woods green nugs with slight rosy orange hairs and a covering of chilly thick white precious stone trichomes.

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