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Shatter, Live Resin HTFSE, Diamonds and more…

We aim to offer a wide variety of extracts to satisfy the dab preferences of the masses. Shop online with Gourmet Grass. We ship our extracts and concentrates coast to coast. If you are a beginner to dabs and extracts please start slow. We do not sell anything we will not consume ourselves. With a number of products to choose from, browsing the menu can be an adventure. Especially if you find something new to try! Premium Gourmet for a reasonable price.

Gourmet Extract Selections – Canada-Wide Mail Order

In house tested products to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Nation-wide Delivery to your door!

Including All Major cities:

Toronto | Ottawa | London | Calgary | Montreal | Vancouver | Edmonton | Mississauga | Winnipeg | Hamilton | Windsor | Brampton | Thunder Bay | Saskatoon | Cambridge | Halifax | St Johns | Whitehorse | Yellowknife | Charlottetown | Fredericton | We deliver to everyone of legal age!

Getting lost in the menu? Reach out to us via e-mail or live chat and we would be happy to help find the extract for you. Expert opinions, discreet packaging, and Fast Friendly service make Gourmet Grass a sure bet.

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