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Top Gourmet Cannabis Shatter

Superior Selection of Cannabis Shatter. These are the finest brands, types and flavours of shatter you will find in Canada. Customers can browse our inventory and find a wide variety of shatter textures, consistencies, colours and strains. Try your favourite bud as a shatter extract, because more is almost always better right?

Order your favourite shatter from us, and know you’re getting a top quality product every time!

For ideal dabbing, you will want the shatter to vaporize instantly, heating to 300 – 330°C (575 – 625℉). Once the concentrate touches the hot surface, start to inhale.

Please note these shatter concentrates are powerful, start with small dabs and work your way up. This shatter will even surprise a veteran smoker.

“A little dab will do ya :-)”

Browse our selection of shatter and buy with confidence knowing you will receive a quality product. We deliver Canada wide. Enjoy!