Dutch Orange “The Royal Orange” (24% THC)


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Dutchman’s Royal Orange, also known simply as “The Royal Orange” to many cannabis connoisseurs, is an indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) strain named for its so-called regal flavor. This dank bud is a cross of the infamous Skunk #1 X California Orange strains and offers a moderately high THC level. Dutchman’s Royal Orange has an enticing aroma of sweet delicate citrus and a taste many say is reminiscent of Sunkist with a super sweet yet slightly delicate hashy aftertaste. Dutchman’s Royal Orange nugs have heart-shaped leafy airy forest green nugs with a thick layer of orange hairs and dark olive green leaves. These nugs are dusted with oversized translucent sticky trichomes and sweet resin. This bud has a characteristically strong physical high that starts with a tingling sensation in the spine and back of the neck that slowly ebbs throughout the body with relaxing warming waves of lethargy. This is accompanied by a powerful clear-headed cerebral head high with mellow bursts of energy, making this bud ideal for use during the day. Because of these potent effects, Dutchman’s Royal Orange is thought to be ideal for treating chronic pain, fatigue, mild cases of depression, and nausea or stomach cramps.


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