Shatterizer Battery Only


Gourmet Grass has freshly stocked our Shatterizer batteries with the addition of all the fantastic new carts in our offering.

The Shatterizer comes with 3 temperature settings. USB cable not included (Mini USB)

Are you looking for the full Shatterizer Kit?

Only 18 left in stock

The original Shatterizer battery (for the borosilicate glass Shatterizer, or Silver or Black Aluminium Shatterizer) is 18350 Lithium-ion with 3 variable voltage settings, low, medium and high. This battery has 15 second continuous heat option with automatic shut off! Five clicks on, 5 clicks off, 3 clicks to vary between temperature settings. The Shatterizer atomizer and storage container not included.

Additional information

Weight .0025 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 cm


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