Liquid Gold Cherry Oil 1 Gram


Backed by the Gold standard of quality
Indica | Premium Cherry Oil | 1ml
Organic, Lab-tested, Non-GMO, Natural and Gluten-Free
Made with love in Vancouver, Canada

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Liquid Gold Cherry Oil is a potent extract, made by charcoal filtering to remove most of the chlorophyll. The process used extracts maximum flavour and potency while leaving behind unwanted compounds, resulting in a tasty and potent dabbable oil. Crafted for easy application, the Liquid Gold Cherry Oil also comes in our dab ready borosilicate syringes for maximum convenience. This famous Indica is a powerful one, capable of knocking the socks off of even the most seasoned of smoking veterans, thanks to its incredible THC level which is 20-25% on average. When used as an oil, the effects of this strain only intensify so be sure to be near a couch or chair if dabbing this bad boy or you could find yourself on the cold floor.

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